Anna Walton
Dog Walker and Director of Happy Hill Walks

My name is Anna and I'm an animal lover and a fan of the great outdoors. I have two dogs, Alfie my mature Westie who I have had since he was 8 weeks old, he is my shadow. Bella is a Jack- Chi cross that I accidentally rescued at 7 months old who is tiny with bags of energy and a huge smile. I also have two lovely rescue cats Rocky and Rosie who have been with me since they were 11 weeks old and are both enjoying their retirement with me on Happy Hill. They all get on really well and we all enjoy a well deserved lie in on Sunday mornings renamed cuddle club.

Dogs have featured heavily in my life since birth and I have never been without one by my side. I have had several pets and to me they are family. In my career I have relied on using Dog walkers, so I fully understand and appreciate the importance of having the very best care for your dog(s) and pets when you are away from your pets, it puts your mind a rest when you know you have someone that you can trust and rely on and it helps ease the guilt we sometimes feel when we work long hours.

Nothing makes me happier than being in nature with the company of dogs, so rest assured they will become and extension of my family. 

Dogs thrive on routine, stimulation, exercise, patience and care and my aim is to ensure your dog gets the very best and benefits from their time spent with Happy Dog Hill Walks. 

Nothing is too much trouble so please get in touch, I am happy to answer all your questions :-)